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Rare Southern Otaku [userpic]

Cosplay is GO!

February 13th, 2008 (05:52 pm)
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I caught my rabbit on film eating dry pasta.

It wasn't so much the fact that he liked it that stunned me, it was the way he took the spaghetti noodle and munched continuously until it dissapeared.

So! I have all my cosplay plans set for the coming convention in May.

Young/Dark Walter

James from Pokemon ( hey, it was the only way I could get a friend of mine to go! XD)

And a super-secret cosplay. I want to compliment a friend of mine's cosplay, but I couldn't decide on someone straight out of Dracula. So, I picked a character who found her way into a modern creation that features an assortment of other Victorian literary characters. It gives me the chance to wear something deliciously Victorian and a scarf :)

I just hope I'll be able to pull off my Super Secret cosplay in time ^_^; I don't feel like cross-playing the whole con this year. But then Walter is done and James won't be hard to complete....


Posted by: dracschick (dracschick)
Posted at: February 14th, 2008 12:38 am (UTC)

good luck with that!

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