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Beef with my fandom....

February 3rd, 2008 (12:43 pm)

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I've got some serious issues with the Hellsing Universe right now....

... But before Istart ranting, I fixed the images in a previous journal post->


Now, to the rant, 'cuz Ineed to get it out of my system


I've been a Hellsing fan since 2002. Until recently, I've never once complained about how Hirano has been conducting the series. Everything has made sense, and he has created an incredible cast of characters for the Hellsing universe.

I'm not even really upset when characters die. I think it's interesting to see a creator who is more than willing to off a character. More often than not, other series will lead you to believe a character isdead and have them show up over and over; often in a very annoying way.

However, Alucard and Walter have always been my perennial favorites. I always knew that these two had kill-off value; one was an old man and the other an ancient vampire. Alucard I can kind of live with; though I find it rather played out to kill Dracula. Hirano has never been one to play to convention, and there is still potential to see the vampire rise again; he is already infamous in pop-culture for doing just that.

However, my Butler presents a whole different set of concerns. My main issue is a total lack of explanation for his presumed treachary. Now he could be dead/dying, and not a thing. I'm hoping that this is not the case, that one shot won't do it; and that it may even take things in a new and interesting direction.

I just want a difinitive answer. If he really has always had it in mind to betray Hellsing, so be it. THEN he can die. Even if it's his last dying words... I don't really care at this point. I just want to KNOW.

~Rant over~